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Bethany Young Adults

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Bethany Young Adults (18-30 years old) exists to glorify God

by advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

as disciples make disciples.

That's our mission!

Keep scrolling to see how we work together on our God-given mission.


On the first and third Sunday nights

of each month, we gather together

for a time of hanging out, playing games,

Bible study, and prayer

in order to grow closer

with Jesus Christ and one another. 

The Gathering begins at 6:30pm.

Let us know you're coming. . .  

we'll give more details! 

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YA Discipleship Time.png

On the second and fourth Sunday mornings 

of each month, we gather together

for a time of in-depth Bible study and prayer 

in order to grow closer

with Jesus Christ and one another.

Discipleship Time is 9:30-10:30am.

Let us know you're coming. . .

we'll give more details! 


Roots for Lives to Thrive 

are the core values of Bethany Young Adults.

We are like trees. . .

God has created and given us the roots of 

Community, Discipline, Respect, Justice, Truth, and Love

so that we might be stable and thrive in life.

If trees are going to truly thrive, roots are not enough.  

Even dead trees have roots!

If trees are going to truly thrive, their roots must find water.  

But not all water is a source of life!  

Some trees won't thrive if they drink from salty, poisonous waters...

if they do, they'll actually die from dehydration.

Like trees, we won't thrive if our thirsty desires,

while seeking satisfaction, drink from the pleasures of this world.  

God says the pleasures of this world are like salty, poisonous waters,

and if we drink from them, we will be thirsty again. 

Only Jesus can satisfy the thirsting desires of our lives (John 4:7-15)! 

Only Jesus is the way, the truth, and the LIFE (John 14:6)!

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Click below to learn more about

Roots for Lives to Thrive!


David grew up in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania.  He was homeschooled and is the oldest of six siblings.  After high school, he attended Cairn University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies.  David is now pursuing a Master’s of Divinity at Cairn.  

A few of David's passions are beaches and board games,

dogs and dodgeball, friends and fantasy,

mountains and Marvel, Phillies and Patriots, theology and tools.

God has given David a desire to love and lead others in following Jesus Christ, and it is his joy to accomplish this mission

at Bethany, in Hatfield, and beyond.


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